Choosing the Right Engine Oil for Your Ride

Picking Your Engine Oil | Temecula, CA

How do you choose the right engine oil for your car? With so many different brands and types of oil, it can be difficult to decide. Use this handy guide to get started.

Choose between conventional or synthetic

Conventional oil is made from petroleum (crude oil) while synthetic is made in a lab. The upside of synthetic is that it works across a wider temperature range and has fewer impurities. Ideally, you should want synthetic. However, it’s also more expensive. If you want the benefits of synthetic without the added price, there are synthetic blends that mix synthetic and conventional.

Consider high-mileage oil

If your vehicle’s engine has a lot of miles on it, you should consider high-mileage oil. It contains additives designed for engines that have run more than 75,000 miles, helping them last longer, restore seals, and prevent leaks. However, it is more expensive than conventional oil.

Evaluate your driving style and environment

If your average drive consists of short-distance city driving, lean toward synthetic oil. Short trips consisting of stop-and-go driving are harder on engines and a high-performing oil like synthetic can help your engine perform its best for longer.

Ask the experts

If you’re still not sure what type of oil to get, visit Temecula Valley Buick GMC in Temecula Valley, California. Our expert technicians will help you decide the right engine oil for your car and your budget.

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